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Our History

December 23,  1993 - The Birthday

The first computer-aided picture archiving and printing system was connected to MR MAX™ MRI system by General Electric Medical Systems (USA) in the Emergency Clinic (Kiev, Ukraine).

The radiographic system by "Continental" (USA) in the Security Service hospital in Ukraine and ultrasound scanner "Aloka-5000" in Dakhno's Laboratory were upgraded with computer-aided picture archiving and printing system.

The four-camera "Alpha-4" digital x-ray receptor prototype unit was manufactured and exhibited at Cares Built, Inc. (USA) booth at the RSNA exhibition in Chicago.

The 99-camera "Alpha-99" digital x-ray receptor was demonstrated at the RSNA Exhibition in Chicago and then installed in the New Jersey Shore Medical Centre (NJ, USA).

The first experimental "Alpha-16" digital x-ray receptor was installed at the general chest screening system by "Trophy" (France) in the Starokievsky District's Polyclinic #1 in Kiev .
For the first time the digital receptor was displayed in Ukraine at the "Okhorona Zdorovya-98" exhibition ("The Health Care-98").

The first Ukrainian general chest radiographic system (fluorograph), equipped with digital receptor, was installed in the Family Physician Polyclinic "Rusanivka" in Kiev.

Six more digital fluorographs were installed in polyclinics in Kiev. 
The digital fluorograph "Diars-MP" by "Mosrengen" JSC (Moscow, Russia), equipped with "Alpha" DR, was cleared for the medical applications use in Russia.

The first "Alpha-R" DR was installed in the Children Hospital #3 Polyclinic in the Solomensky District in Kiev. The 4lp/mm spatial resolution is the highest resolution among the installed digital direct conversion detectors for general radiography in the world.

The first radiographic system "RDK 50/6" with digital x-ray system was installed in the medical division of "Kievtransaero" (Boryspil, Ukraine). 
The Ministry for Health Care of Ukraine order for digital fluorographs installation to different regions of Ukraine was signed.

For the first time in Ukraine 2 digital x-ray systems for general radiography were installed in one hospital in the town Kamyanets-Podilsky.

The first masterclass devoted to digital radio diagnostics was conducted there in June.

More than 1500 digital Alpha- and Iona-based x-ray systems are functioning in patient care institutions and veterinary clinics around the globe, including Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, United States, Spain, France. The digital radiographic systems, equipped with our receptors, are installed almost in every region of Ukraine.